Volumental: S Korea retail giant Lotte implements 2-second 3D foot scanning system for customized shoes

Lotte Department Store, a major Korean retailer, will today implement a new 3D foot scanner at its flagship store in Myeongdong, giving shoppers quick and accurate measurements for custom shoe orders. The 3D scanner, made by Volumental, will be introduced to other locations from July 29 2016.

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Caroline ranks global #4 among women making a difference in 3D Printing

3Ders.org: 25-year-old Caroline Walerud was recently added to Forbes’ renowned 30 under 30 for her innovative workdeveloping 3D foot scanners and has also made it onto our list of inspiring women for her dedication to 3D scanning technologies and innovations. Walerud is the co-founder of Stockholm-based startup Volumental, which is using 3D scanning technologies to find the perfect fit for shoe-shoppers. Excitingly, the company recently made a deal with U.S. retailer Nordstrom to implement their 3D foot scanning system, and will soon branch out into their second phase of 3D facial scanning for opticians and eyewear brands.

The Guardian: The perfectly fitting shoe is just a click away

A Swedish firm believes that it can take away the frustration of bringing home shoes that don’t fit by using spatial awareness cameras to provide a 3D scan of exactly what each person’s foot looks like.

Volumental, based in Stockholm, has developed software to take a lifelike image of the foot, which can then be used to make either shoes to fit exactly or find ones which are more suitablefrom the shelves.

“Our vision is that the system of going around the stores, trying on lots of shoes or jeans and different products and having a problem of not knowing whether you are medium or large ... I think that system will be completely gone in 10 years. Instead it will be size me,” co-founder Caroline Walerud says.

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Volumental: 3D bespoke tailoring moves from the lab to the high street

Volumental is making bespoke tailoring as accessible as taking a smartphone snap

Caroline Walerud, cofounder and CEO of Stockholm-based Volumental, wants to take 3D body-scans from the lab to the high street. Its software lets customers create models so precise they can be used to order fitted shoes and clothing. "We want to make custom products the norm, not a luxury," says the 25-year-old. Article in Wired

Volumental announces $3M investment

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