Investment philosophy: Time Money Exit


We join your team, build the company with you and don't take over. We spend about a day a week with you and are around when you need us. We're useful people to have around: we're experienced entrepreneurs and up to date, since we're currently facing the same problems you are in other companies. When your company is no longer a startup or in early expansion, we will stop spending so much time with you. You won't need us then! 



We work on building trust, so our investment terms are as easy and simple as we can make them.  We want common shares, just like the entrepreneurs have. The entrepreneurs should own the lion's share of the company. We use standard, fair contracts from Startupdocs.se, take a seat on the board and invest up to 10Million SEK.



We don't have to sell; we are a family. 

We don't have a fund with an end date, where all investments must be sold by the end date and the money returned to the investors. Those end dates can force exits when the timing isn't right for the companies.  

We sell our shares when it is best for the company. Some examples: 


  1. We let several early key employees take some of our subscription rights in a new financing round, so they became Klarna owners as well.

  2. When a crucial new investor demanded a certain proportion of the company, we sold some of our shares.

  3. When there was a secondary market in Klarna shares and Klarna had too big a weight in our portfolio, we sold some of our shares. 


When the company didn't look like it would grow quickly, we sold all our shares to the entrepreneur for 10SEK.


We sold our shares when the company was sold, at the same terms as all the other shareholders.

Lensway: What an amazing ride!

Photo of Daniel, courtesy of Footway

Photo of Daniel, courtesy of Footway

"When I came to Lensway in 2002, they were 4 people with very low salaries in a basement office. Two years later, revenues were 100MSEK, they turned a very healthy profit, and they were 55 employees. What an amazing ride - Thanks Daniel Mühlbach! 

We sold Lensway to Coastal Contacts of Canada. The company is now a very good second in the world market for contact lenses over the net."

- Jane Walerud

Crayfish party "Kräftskiva" with all of Lensway   at Jane's home. Jane is holding Daniel's oldest son.   August 2003.

Crayfish party "Kräftskiva" with all of Lensway at Jane's home. Jane is holding Daniel's oldest son. August 2003.