In the Trenches

We join at the very early stages, and spend at least a day a week with you to help set up the early team, strategy and sales. We'll help packing boxes, staff the booth at trade shows, and as CxO as necessary. Since we work so closely with our startups we only take on a few at a time and make sure to select projects that make our hearts sing. 

Long & Current Experience

Of the 18 companies we have been heavily involved in, four have become world class successes (Klarna, Tobii, Lensway, Bluetail) and another ten had good and profitable exits or are growing nicely. We've also coached hundreds of startups and work very hard to make our startups successful. 

Paying it Forward

Walerud Ventures is dedicated to building Sweden and its startup and tech ecosystem. We work closely with incubators around the country, the Royal Academy of Sciences (IVA), Prince Daniel's Fellowship, etc. We also work on policy with the Swedish government.


Deep Tech

We are techie and curious, and will understand your product. We've started companies in areas including AI, 3D, solar cells, fintech, telecom and biotech and have worked in tech for a long time: Jane was once a teaching assistant for  a programming course at Stanford, Bengt is a top multivariate statistical analyst, and Caroline studied natural sciences at Cambridge.

What we look for

Companies with sustainable competitive advantages and entry barriers. Fantastic founders with full focus on ONE product that solves a problem that HURTS. Selling to a growing market with high margins. A brilliant, hard working, self motivated, open team with complementary skills and integrity. Since we work hard with you, we want to be close: within a 3 hour flight from Stockholm.


We are on the entrepreneur's side. We want a painless investment process so we can get on with building the company with you. Therefore we do standard, simple and fair contracts (eg and want the founders to own the lion's share of the company. We invest 1-10M SEK and take a board seat, and ask for options for extra operative work. Read up in our resources section about how investments work, and on our philosophy in this blog post.