Sharpen your business idea

The Business Model Canvas to summarize your startup on one page and verify your assumptions with real customers. 

Porters Five Forces to assess your strategic position. No startup has a perfect strategic position, but this tool helps you recognize your major weaknesses.

Remember to listen to and communicate clearly with your team. Here’s a structure for 1-on-1s you can aim for.



Lean startup guru Steve Blank's blog and startup tools to get out of the building.

For growth see Julian's growth hacking guide and Andrew Chen’s blog.

The books SPIN Selling and Crossing the Chasm

A good sales deck.


Raise Money

 Customer money is the best :) 

Venture Deals: Be Smarter than your Lawyer and VC is a great introduction to raising capital. 

To present your company to investors, Google has a great pitch template. For advanced tips, check out 500 Startup's and Y Combinator's pitch tips, and Khosla Ventures slide deck tips. Jane likes the NABC model

Improvisation theatre is great for presentation skills and also very fun!


Survive the admin

Startup Docs for standard Swedish startup legal documents. Almi has board documents.  

Hyper Island toolbox for creative workshop and problem solving formats. 

Pipedrive CRM for sales management. 

squarespace for building websites quickly. 

Jobylon or TeamTailor for recruitment ads and management. 

Startup Docs’ excellent Options Guide, Index Venture’s hiring benchmarks.

For email try Follow Up Then and

Slack for internal company communication. 

Google Drive to sync and work on documents collaboratively. 

Proven method for handling the stress and incredible amount of work in a startup: Jane uses Getting Things Done


Ask for help

Join an incubator! The best one for you depends on your location and stage. Check out Uppsala Innovation Center and KTH Innovation for example. Caroline's Volumental is a STING alumni; she's now in their advisory board, while Jane was a course leader in their Test Drive FinTech course.

Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship runs fun courses that bring together tech, creative and business people from the main universities around Stockholm. has workshops and discussion groups around everything from Quantified Self to learning Swedish and Python.

Contact the Swedish embassies in each country and your target country's embassy for help. Nordic Innovation House helps in Silicon Valley.


Take care of yourself

These habits, the (Swedish) group Mind Club and the meditation app Stop Breathe Think are great for taking care of your emotional health as a founder. 

The School of Life has great courses and an addictive YouTube channel on how to live. 

Michael Mosely and 7 Minute Workout are good for physical health. 


Read more if you have time

Y Combinator founder Paul Graham's blog and Quora's startup section are great.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things is a riveting book. 

Caroline also liked the books Startup CEO and Blue Ocean Strategy